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Syren Arts Academy

Syren arts academy in atlanta

Syren Arts Academy was founded by Ashley Tamar to offer inside information to students and artists of color and their creative collaborators, share the experiences, education and relationships that demystify the process, and generate the rigor and self-discipline necessary to build and sustain a career.  Starting with the lessons profiled in her edutainment manual and companion workbook for aspiring artists: “100 Things to Know as an Independent Music Artist.”, Ashley and her team of guest artists, innovators, and change agents have created platforms for engagement, training, and professional development needed to help aspiring talent develop and grow.

Starting with pilot programs at connected educational and training  academies around the country, Ashley Támar continues her commitment as a teaching artist to connect young people with experiential learning in arts and culture. She is currently engaged with education partners in Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Mississippi, and California developing curriculum and methodologies.

We engage emerging and established artists and connect with students seeking careers or enrichment using the performing and technical arts as a platform. We have built a networked collaboration with performers, studio musicians, composers, photographers, engineers, videographers, designers, computer and AI engineers and independent entrepreneurs in a quest for uncompromising authenticity and cultural relevance.

Syren Arts Academy is predicated on the commitment of continually investing in future-shaping technologies, artistic trends, backed by solid business and education in the arts for the development of talent and preservation of culture.

“Brand is an expression of values. This is what I am, who we are.

If you like it you can be a part of our community.”

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