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"100 Things to Know as an Independent Music Artist"

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“100 Things to Know as an Independent Music Artist” is a quick-zany read targeted to aspiring performers about the do’s and dont's of the ever-changing Entertainment industry, funny revelations that can either keep an artist working or get one fired, knowledgeable recording agreement verbiage, definitions, and encouraging and inspirational quotes.

“This book is a foundational tool as a pay-it-forward insight into not only the business of the Entertainment industry, but also revelations and principles about the lack of awareness about what’s available for us. With the removal of arts programs and the accelerated use of technology, I began uploading vlogs about the Entertainment industry. Through the vlogs, I received an influx of inbox messages full of questions, emails and requests to perform and conduct my Master Classes in front of an overlooked generation that wants to learn the business but have no clue where to begin. Everyone is not to be onstage, nor in front of the camera. There are careers that are not being promoted to artistic driven hopefuls and yet, some can’t comprehend topics such as publishing, royalties, or how to read a contract.” ~ Ashley

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