Many artists and musicians have contributed enormously to society through their work, striking anemotional chord with their audience, and helping cultivate a culture in our society. But the typical artist is left to navigate through the industry on their own without the knowledge, education and skill of the business behind the craft. I desire to be the catalyst in empowering the budding artists to achieve maximum success with a complete understanding of how to define and grow one’s brand.


     I started my own entertainment company, Syren Music Group, LLC., in 2010 out of mere frustration for the lack of mentorship and education on how to get my music marketed to the public. Although I garnered sales in the Netherlands, Brazil, the UK, Canada, the United States and secured a music distribution deal with Tower Records Japan, and was blessed to have write-ups in VIBE and Glamour magazine, I still missed the mark in social media and the power of consistency in remaining relevant in an ever-changing entertainment business. 



The syren arts Academy was created...

     After visiting my hometown in Houston, TX I was vastly approached by ecstatic supporters of my craft who were in awe of my “visitation” to the 3rd metropolitan city. I was completely dis-heartened by the lack of awareness between my audience and I, un-knowingly that many people were not educated on my historical achievements and connection to the city that launched my career. Often times, I find that the young inquisitive supporters want to understand how to get involved in both the theatrical and music business but lacked the basic information of how the simplest tools could create a secure foundation on their path to success. I was alarmed that most of those in whom I came in contact with were unaware of certain musical education institutions, or theatrical outlets that were in their “backyard.” 


So I desired to set out to “edu-tain” my audience about the entertainment business as a whole.



The syren arts Academy Mission...

To equip my mentees to “use what you have” and “create from nothing.” Through my 2-hour curriculum, I will expound on these components:

  • 1.)  The power in attaining a Higher Education in the Arts & Entertainment Business

  • 2.)  Understanding the vast occupations in the Arts & Entertainment Business

  • 3.)  Choosing a degree that parallel’s one’s passion

  • 4.)  Where Do I Begin?

  • 5.)  Where the Entertainment Business is Headed

  • 6.)  Who Controls the Entertainment Business?

  • 7.)  How to create and earn a living in the Arts & Entertainment Business, and more...



What to expect attending

the syren arts Academy...

  • A Customized Curriculum

  • A Customized Workbook

  • Live performance*

  • A career assessment for each student prior to the Academy in discovering one’s passion

  • Q & A Session

  • Post - Mentorship Q & A via all social media sites

  • Prizes & Give-a-ways

  • Photo Opportunities 

Master Class at HSPVA featuring Barry Coffing

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